Plastics training

Afcoplast has a strong experience of 30 years in plastic training in France and is now expanding his offer internationally with training programs in English and German.
Some examples of training modules Afcoplast offers :

Level 0

Basic introduction

Introduction to plastic materials (2 days)

What are plastics ? Origin & nature

Where are plastics ? Markets & applications

How are plastics used ? Processing & recycling


Level 1

Grand training

Plastics : properties & processing (4 days)

Plastic materials : basics & terminology
Various families of plastic materials & their applications
Processing techniques for thermoplastics


Level 2 *

Specialists training

Design of plastic parts (3 days)

Basic design rules for plastic parts
Thickness determination
Tolerances for plastic parts
Assembling techniques
Cost calculations for thermoplastics parts

Material Selection (2 days)

Properties and test methods for plastic materials
Understanding the performances of plastics
Use of Material Data Bases
Selection of the most appropriate plastic material(s) for a specific application

Level 2 *

Specialists training

Understanding failures of injection moulded plastic parts (2 days)

Analysis of part defects & failure mode :
moulding parameters, mould and part design.
Influence of the design on the quality



* For level 2 training programs a preliminary attendance of the level 1 training (or the equivalent knowledge) is required.


Customized programs or training modules are available on simple demand and can cover your specific training needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details :


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